Yield Farming APR, Trading Volume, Town Hall

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3 min readFeb 8, 2022


Happy MondaeSwap, everyone! We’re going to try and get back to more regular and frequent updates here — yes, we still love Medium. But if we ever skip a beat on the communication front, don’t worry — as one member of our Discord community put it: “When SundaeSwap goes quiet, you know they’re working hard.”

So with that out of the way, we want to talk about a few things quickly today:

  • An invitation to a town hall tomorrow
  • Cardano parameter bumps
  • Some new features
  • Things you can expect soon

SundaeSwap Town Hall @ 7pm ET Tomorrow (February 8th)

While Medium posts, tweets and the occasional screen shot or two can sometimes be helpful, there’s no way they can paint a complete picture of everything going on behind the scenes at a growing startup. So we’re happy to continue our tradition of making the team available to our community for live conversations. We’ll be hosting a live SundaeSwap Town Hall and Q&A tomorrow (February 8th) on our Discord channel. We hope you can join us.

Getting the Most out of the Cardano Parameter Bumps

We understand how frustratingly slow some of the trades have been, especially in some of our more popular pools. While the congestion in most of our liquidity pools has cleared up, it’s still taking significantly more time than people would like to trade some of the more popular tokens, including our own. We’ve been working closely with the IOG team to share our data and continue to push the case for a faster rollout of parameter increases on the blockchain.

Despite the fact that SundaeSwap trades have accounted for a significant majority of the blockchain transactions since our launch, Cardano is much more than just SundaeSwap, and the IOG team has to rightfully put the overall security and reliability of the blockchain ahead of just one stakeholder. That said, they promised parameter bumps, and they have delivered. Just since the SundaeSwap DEX launched, they’ve increased the block size twice (from 64KB to 80KB) and grown the Plutus script memory units per transaction from 12.5MB to 14MB. And you can expect more in the future as the data continue to make the case for expansion.

Both of these sets of increases will allow us to squeeze just a little bit more into our interactions with the blockchain. Later this week after we finish a few more optimizations on our side, we’ll be prepared to come out with some real numbers to show off to you all.

New Features

We’re very proud of the clarity and usability of the SundaeSwap DEX. But there are always areas of improvement. The development team has been hard at work behind the scenes, and recently have added statistics to the interface, including 24h volume and Yield Farming APR. You should now be able to see on the homepage the last 24h volume of your favorite tokens (fun fact: SUNDAE/ADA had over 50M ADA in trading volume its first 24h!) as well as the total SUNDAE you have accumulated by yield farming. As always, our TVL is visible on DefiLlama here.

Coming Soon

In addition to all mentioned above, soon you’ll be able to see the Coinmarketcap data for the SUNDAE token.

We’re also working hard to expand our language support and optimization of the protocol. Details will be shared shortly on those efforts.

Recognizing SundaeSwap’s broad appeal to both higher-volume traders who really need the power of an AMM-based exchange and new users who appreciate our DEX’s relatively easy-to-use interface, we’re also hard at work reinforcing — wherever we can — security features and safe swapping reminders in our user interface.



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