Weekly Technical Progress Update #19, Sunday October 31

This week the frontend team worked on integrating with additional wallets, building out the ISO dashboard, translation, error state handling, and writing selenium tests to test the product end to end. They also worked on integrating with a new set of backend APIs that the infrastructure team built.

The infrastructure team continued to flesh out APIs used for statistics roll-ups, such as weekly trading volume.

The smart contract team worked on a huge number of things this week: protocol upgrades, the script which will mint the Sundae token, the treasury contract which will control the community-owned supply of Sundae, and a few others. At this point we are feature complete on the smart contracts, and we have a large battery of end-to-end tests which can execute against the blockchain directly. We continue to expand that test suite, but we are aiming to hand off to auditors this week, after we’ve done a final internal code review with the whole team.

The research and development team lent their efforts to the smart contract team this week, as well as several improvements and additional checks in the end-to-end testing framework from last week.

Our roadmap to launch now looks like this: hand a final version of the smart contracts to the auditors; launch a public testnet; select participating stake-pools for the ISO; conclude our public testnet; finish the audit and potentially address any issues found in the audit; launch the DEX and the ISO at the same time.