SundaeSwap’s Team Announcement

If you haven’t seen our new bio page yet, it’s time to pay a visit to see the names behind the founding members and the rapidly-growing leadership team behind SundaeSwap.

Now you know a little more about our two co-founders — and we promise you’ll get to know them even more over the coming weeks as we prepare for our launch. And of course you have already met Pi, another member of our leadership team. Pi has been an important public face for the team in the past few weeks, and is playing an even more important role behind the scenes.

These three members of the SundaeSwap launch team draw from expertise in development, finance, operations, design and branding. They bring both academic and entrepreneurial backgrounds to the table. Between them, the team’s experience includes:

  • Co-founders at multiple fintech and high tech startups
  • Manager of a 20-person research team
  • Manager of several large development teams
  • Lead UI/UX designer at a tech startup

We realize how much work is ahead of us, and we understand it’s no secret that we are a young team. To address this, we are rapidly building out the rest of our leadership team to bring in senior development, operations and business development skills. Already today we added one more name to the team: we’re pleased to announce that fintech startup veteran Matt Ho has joined the team. Matt served as the CTO at two major fintech ventures — LOYAL3 and StockPower — both of which were dedicated to the democratization of financial capital.

Matt is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience bringing innovative products to market. And he brings a deep understanding of the technological and regulatory frameworks that our company will be operating in. Matt holds a number of patents, and knows what it will take to pass regulatory muster: he and his team at StockPower were granted two SEC “no-action” letters for their innovative work.

Matt’s customers over the years have included Virgin America, Square, Go Pro, AMC Theaters, Hubspot, T-Mobile, Home Depot, BP Amoco and many other major brands. We’re really excited to have him on board.

As impressive as Matt’s resume is, his name is just the first in a list of new additions to our leadership team you’ll be seeing over the coming days. Stay tuned!