SundaeSwap ISO Details

  • Rewards Structure and Length. We will distribute 1% of our total supply each epoch over a total of 5 epochs (i.e., over a total of 25 days).
  • Distribution Timeframe. As excited as we are to offer the ISO, we’re even more excited about the SundaeSwap DEX. To avoid forcing people to choose between staking in the ISO or participating in the DEX, we’ve opted to give the ISO a shorter duration to support the long term success of the DEX.
  • Stake Pools. One thing that hasn’t changed since the last update is that we are still planning to have independent SPOs run our pools. This helps us achieve our goal of not taking any rewards, including the 340 ADA granted to SPOs. Multiple pools will be spun up in order to distribute the rewards fairly among all delegators.
  • “Whale Control. Our goal is to make the SundaeSwap ISO as fair and democratic as possible, and this means we will be exploring equitable distribution models to ensure that smaller participants can still enjoy all the benefits of ISO involvement. To achieve this, we intend to implement diminishing rewards in order to mitigate the chances of a whale claiming most of the rewards. With this approach, each additional ADA will earn you fewer SUNDAE in order to benefit smaller ADA holders. We also are reviewing several other methods for whale control which we will continue to explore and may implement prior to the launch of the ISO.
  • Minimum ADA. While there is still the 10 ADA minimum required by the blockchain to stake to a pool, there is no minimum amount needed to collect your SUNDAE as all rewards will be distributed through a smart contract.




SundaeSwap Labs is the founding contributor to the SundaeSwap protocol, a DEX on Cardano. Website:

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SundaeSwap Labs

SundaeSwap Labs

SundaeSwap Labs is the founding contributor to the SundaeSwap protocol, a DEX on Cardano. Website:

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