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2 min readNov 18, 2021

Epoch 302 has ended and with it, the Stake Pool Operator (SPO) and scooper vote. We at SundaeSwap want to extend a warm thank you to all who took part. Over the past few days we have tallied up the votes and counted an astounding total of nearly 1.6 billion ADA that participated, resulting in one of the first and certainly one of the largest acts of on-chain governance on Cardano outside of Project Catalyst, helping in part to break 1M transactions on Cardano in a single epoch.

Our goal was to have the community select a trustworthy cohort of SPOs to help dish out SundaeSwap goodness during the Initial Staking Pool Offering (ISO). We wanted to uphold the principles of decentralization without defining arbitrary categories and cutoffs which we don’t feel we have the mandate to define, driving innovation in the Cardano ecosystem while ensuring fair play.

We’re particularly pleased to highlight the diversity in the elected SPOs, ranging from small single pool operators to those representing the large international Cardano community.

We’ve collected plenty of feedback on the process and will seed the burgeoning SundaeSwap DAO with some important takeaways when it comes time for the first governance vote.

All that said, we are very happy with the strong community participation and the results. We are now pleased to introduce to everyone the first cohort of SundaeSwap Scoopers:

NOTE: This is a list of SPO’s. Any pool that the SPO operates is eligible for the ISO, but be careful of copycat pools. The final list of pools will be available before the ISO starts.

  1. WAV7/SKY
  2. SIPO
  3. XSP
  4. AHL
  5. CCV
  6. ITC
  7. DIGI
  8. AZUR
  9. TERA
  10. BLOOM
  11. WFFL
  12. NORTH
  13. ATLAS
  14. TITAN
  16. NEDS
  17. FAIR
  18. CRDNS
  19. AAA
  20. NERD
  21. PAUL
  22. MASTR
  23. ATADA
  24. STI
  25. BLADE
  27. DSHIN
  28. BLOCK
  29. GROW
  30. BCSH

As well as the SPO Waitlist:

  1. BIO
  2. VIPER
  3. RUG
  4. CARDs
  5. KAIZN
  6. ADAOZ
  7. CRFA
  8. APE
  9. AMZ
  10. DNEWS

Although this list is just for the ISO, the SundaeSwap DEX will use SPOs to operate scoopers and the community will set the terms as to numbers, requirements and rewards through the SundaeSwap DAO.

We’d also like to thank @SmaugPool for independently verifying the results of the election, and encouraging community engagement throughout the voting period.

We will be privately reaching out to the SPOs selected by the vote to coordinate next steps, and will soon be releasing more information about the ISO (which will go live at the same time as the DEX), our testnet, and subsequent DEX launch. Stay tuned!



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