ISO Rewards Claiming Date & Information via DripDropz!

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2 min readFeb 7, 2022


Today, we’re excited to share that ISO rewards will be claimable through on March 1st! Below we’ve laid out the most important information you’ll need to keep in mind as you head over to claim your SUNDAE rewards.

What is DripDropz?

DripDropz is a token distribution faucet built by reputable stake pool operators (SPOs) in the Cardano community. Users eligible for a variety of token rewards are able to visit the website, enter their wallet’s receive or stake address, and see which token rewards they are eligible for. It’s a simple and straightforward way to claim all your token rewards.

How do I use DripDropz?

Claiming your SUNDAE rewards from the ISO via DripDropz is as simple as following these five steps:

  1. Please go to the DripDropz site under the Drip it tab.
  2. Paste your wallet receive/stake address in the search bar and click the Check My Dropz button.
  3. DripDropz will query the blockchain and display all the tokens your wallet is qualified to receive based on the amount of Ada in your wallet and the pool it is staked to.
  4. Please choose the SUNADE token by selecting the checkbox.
  5. Click Claim My Dropz. The app will show the Ada cost to complete the withdrawal along with minUTXO returned to you with the tokens. See below cost breakdown.

If you don’t want to pay the DripDropz fee, we’ll be building out a service to claim your rewards in the coming months. You will have one year to claim your rewards, so there will be plenty of time to claim without having to pay DripDropz’s service fee.

When claiming your ISO rewards, you will be asked to send a payment of 3 ADA:

  • Approximately 1.3 ₳DA will be returned to you (to cover the minUTXO)
  • The remaining 1.7 ₳DA will be used to pay the Cardano transaction fee + Phyrhose processing fee + DripDropz service fee

Claiming information and claiming fee breakdown courtesy of the DripDropz team.



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